Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Enhancing your Immunity

By request of one of our faithful followers I am writing on flu prevention. Working in pediatrics, I see the high amount of infections, viruses and flus that infect our population. Our immune system is our number one defense against these bad bugs! The damaging 'junk foods' and sugars that surround us this season are directly correlated with low immunity and this is the time of year we need it most! But with a little proper care, good nutrition, gentle exercise and rest, your immune system will thrive. Read below for little tid bits on all my favorite immune boosters.

Bone Broth is one of the best ways to provide your body with easily absorbed nutrients. Drink bone broth like tea in a mug with celtic sea salt added to taste or make soup. Use loads of onions and garlic which are specific immune boosting vegetables. And mushrooms, especially maitake, shiitake and reishi. Then there is Cod Liver Oil, the number one superfood for immunity. Supplying high amounts of Vitamin A and D, fat soluble vitamins that are essential to maintaining strong defense mechanisms and omega 3's, our bodies anti-inflammatory fatty acids. In a study done on children having the flu in a season earlier, the next season after taking cod liver oil none of them had the flu! But like everything, it has to be the right quality Cod Liver Oil so be sure to contact dani@wholesomepractices.com to get yours today!

Fermented Vegetables and sauerkraut supply the much needed probiotics that inoculate your gut. About 80% of your immune system actually resides in your gut and is based on your level of probiotics. Commercial yogurt does not cut it people, it's not left to culture long enough before it's put on the shelves so you're only get traces of some probiotics. High quality grass-fed meat and organic, free-range chicken, turkey and eggs supply the protein needed to maintain a healthy immune system. And don't forget juicing! Like bone broth, juicing supplies vitamins and minerals that are in their most readily absorbable form.

And because I can't leave out the 'need to avoid' list here goes. Sugar and white refined flours are the most damaging, these foods not only supply absolutely no nutrients but they dramatically decrease your white blood cell activity, they feed bad bacteria in your gut destroying your probiotics and are highly inflammatory. I know they haunt you this season but do your best to make baked goods with whole grain flours, honey and maple syrup.

Be well :)


  1. I think this will work best to prevent flu because you used some natural food element which are really having with medicinal qualities. Thanks for your share.

  2. I have seen many people whose immunity system is very slow and their food doesn't digest quickly, I like the idea of enhancing your immunity by using vegetables.

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