Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Cold Care: Supporting your child's colds, viruses and flus

Because caring for your child's colds properly matters. With these simple tools you can keep your child from getting recurrently sick and recovering quickly when they do catch something. No one is invincible to colds, viruses and flus but with some dietary and supplemental support it is more than possible to keep the immune system strong all winter long.

Most important is your basic dietary:
  • Keep animal proteins high in your child's daily diet. 
  • Use grass-fed butter and or ghee liberally. These are without question the most immune supportive of all fats. 
  • Consume bone broth or a bone broth powder or even a collagen powder
Key maintenance supplements:
  • Cod liver oil, far superior to fish oil and your number one most important supplement to have your child taking daily. If you can't get cod liver oil in then use these to at least be getting sufficient omega's in.
  • Methylated b vitamins which support a virus clearing pathway in the liver helping the body to rid itself of the virus more efficiently. Toddlers use this chewable
  • You could also use a full spectrum multi-vitamin that contains the methylated forms of b vitamins in.
  • Therapeutic grade probiotic containing multiple strains since 80% of your immunity resides in your gut and is based on your populations of beneficial bacteria!
Now when your child does catch that darn cold, virus or flu it's all about beginning your support as early as you can. So I recommend having these supplements in your pantry at home for use the moment those first symptoms appear. 

For runny noses:
  • Sinupret Syrup works amazing for sinuses, so use this the minute that runny nose starts! 
For coughs:
  • Bronchipret Syrup for bronchial support, as soon as you hear that first cough.
Bothersome ears:
Sore throat:
  • This throat spray works like a charm for really painful sore throats. And this tea is incredibly soothing with demulcents herbs that coat and protect from irritation. 
Some mom's also love Sambucus which can be used daily as a little boost and children take it very easily. You can also consider a colostrum powder if your child had a hard winter last year or just seems to catch every single thing going around ;) Colostrum is a dairy product but is fairy hypoallergenic and contains immunoglobulins which are direct components of your immune system. A high quality grass fed whey protein powder also contains immunoglobulins.

You can also schedule a personalized consult for your child or yourself as each of us has our own bio-individual needs to supporting our body's immunity.
Don't forget to stay warm, wash your hands and get adequate sleep :)

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Note: Nutrition Consultants do not diagnose, manage or treat illness, conditions or diseases. The scope of practice for Nutrition Consultants reflects educating clients about healthy choices regarding diet and lifestyle to restore balance to the body.