Wholesome Toddlers

One too many ailments plague our toddlers today. To name a few, I have seen: eczema, allergies, digestive disorders, chronic ear infections, sinus infections, extreme feeding difficulties, sleep disturbances, speech delays and other development alterations. This is still only a partial list of the issues I see on a daily basis. The dramatic rise of children on the Autism spectrum should have all of us looking for answers as to what is going on with the health of our future generations.

My approach with toddlers is simple. I offer personal and individualized care to restore balance to their systems where necessary. Whether gut restoration, immune support, gentle detox or neuro balancing to name a few, I use a specific set of nutritional protocols as indicated based on my assessment. There is no 'one fits all' approach to the unique bio-individuality of your child. Hence I am not in the practice of using extreme diets. Rather, I am pulling from years of research into the multiple resources on childhood disorders and fine-tuning a therapeutic plan that best suits your child.

The first three years of your child's life can make a dramatic difference in the outcome of his or her health for years to come. You are offering your child the most amazing gift by taking the initiative in seeking help and joining the parents who are willing to do what it takes to raise extraordinarily healthy children!

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