Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Happy Healthy Littles Blog

Hi mommas,

This will be my last post on the Wholesome Practices' blog as the new Happy Healthy Littles blog is now rolling! I recommend everyone who has followed this blog and enjoyed the nutrition resources follow our blog on HHL :) Our Instagram @happyhealthylittles will also be another amazing resource for moms with Littles of all ages.

You can sign up on the very bottom of any of our HHL's website pages to receive a monthly email about our last series of blog posts, we'll never bombard you, we just want you to have the knowledge and the tools to feel empowered as a mom to feed your family well!

XO Dani

Monday, April 1, 2019

CSA: Something Good Organics

If you have never experienced the incredible joys that come with picking up your CSA box each week then I can honestly say you have been missing out ;) Really, picking up my box of such abundant freshly harvested produce each week is literally one of the more favorite parts of my week! It's also like personal shopping, my produce already hand picked of what is the best, in season, and coming straight off the farm right now, come on moms, who doesn't want that? Who doesn't need that?!

I became very well acquainted with local farms in my days of working farmer's market while I was in nutrition school. And I honestly fell in love with Givens Farm and Something Good Organics, maybe because I also fell in love Carolyn Givens who runs the CSA program ;) Not only does the family take such great care of all the elements that go into organic farming but Carolyn herself takes such incredible care to what is chosen each week to go into your box. She consistently blows my mind with how thriving the produce looks and how delicious it tastes!

CSA, for those who don't know stands for Community Supported Agriculture, where you pay into the farm and you get a portion of what's coming off the farm each week. Your money goes directly to the farmer, no middle man here, and you get the freshest produce as it's not sitting in a grocery store for any amount of time you don't know about ;)

If you want the freshest, most economical, local and organic produce sign up here! Be sure you tell Carolyn about the 'Dani Deal' as she'll throw in some extra fruit for your first two weeks!

Carolyn also has a Farm Stand up in Buellton, such easy access, right off the freeway, on the edge of the farm at 9499 Santa Rosa Rd and it's simply glorious. If you live up north or are driving up the 101 be sure you stop by! You can also find Givens Farm at all of the local farmer's markets, but trust me, the CSA is where it's at :)

Everyone stay tuned the Happy Healthy Littles blog is starting this week!