Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Happy Healthy Littles

It's HERE! I apologize if you are following this blog and I have written multiple posts now on the whole endeavor ;) but Happy Healthy Littles is now up and running! 

The site is currently hosting a Prenatal Nutrition and Fitness Package but will go on as I have said to host many other packages for all things mommy and baby care :) So for mom's with older littles stay tuned! There will also be a running blog coming soon. I hope you find the site has much to offer you and your growing families! 

If you're way passed your perinatal years you surely know other mommies who are not ;)

Blessings from,
Dani Rhoades NC and Whitney Eves NTC

p.s. thank you to my dear friend and mommy of three littles, Heather Stephen for the HHL logo design! You can see Heather's watercolor art on Etsy at June Watercolor