Thursday, August 16, 2018

Local Favorites - Bree' Osh

When it comes to choosing where to eat out you shouldn't have to compromise your values with nutrition. Obviously the food you cook at home will be of the most nourishing ingredients but we all need to get out once in a while and enjoy something so delicious that we couldn't have made it at home :)

Now, when it comes to pastries that's an even more difficult yet critical decision to make! And let me assure you Bree' Osh is the Bakery of choice without question. Owners, Pierre and Nellie from France have nailed it when it comes to making the healthiest and yet most delicious pastries. They use incredibly well sourced ingredients and most importantly they begin the pastries with a sourdough culture. In the end the pastries are more digestible, even for people like me with a history of terrible digestive issues and sensitive gut flora. Pierre is also able to make a sweet and delightful pastry with less sugar than your traditional store bought pastry because of the sourdough process.

Sourdough is a very traditional process used to ferment the flour making it more digestible by breaking down some of the gluten into a more easily assimilated form in the body. People then who has a sensitive stomach will do much better consuming any type of wheat flour that has been made using a sourdough culture. Pierre's sourdough culture has been around for a number of years and he just continues to feed it! This makes it strong and potent, making a wonderfully light and sour flour that then gets added to the other ingredients to make the final product. It is also demanding on the baker and takes serious time and commitment, something to be noted when you choose which baker you support ;)

So when you need a real pastry, made the right way, that won't damage your system and will leave you feeling satisfied and great, then Bree' Osh is your place!

Visit Bree' Osh at 1150 Coast Village Rd in Montecito for a lot more than just pastries too :)