Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pure Water: Part II

Part II is necessary because unfortunately our drinking water is not our only concern. The water that we shower and bath in is of just as much concern if maybe not more! Our skin is our body's largest organ and is highly absorbent. Toxins found in the water will easily be absorbed through your skin into your blood stream being stored in fat tissues and causing damage to your organs and other bodily systems. Chlorine is of much concern because it's not only incredibly damaging but it's vaporized by hot water and we actually inhale it directly into our lungs! Chlorine destroys your bodies naturally body ecology and increases your risk of cancer, miscarriage, low birth weight, and other reproductive problems. Chlorine exposure is also linked with asthma, eczema and even heart disease. And chlorine is just one of many toxins in your water.

According to Dr. Mercola a 10 minute shower is like drinking 1 gallon of water! And let's be honest, most people shower longer than 10 minutes or leave their kids in the bath a lot longer than that. Hence, the dire need for a water filter for your bathing water as well as your drinking water.

Fortunately, you can find filters that remove even the most potent of toxins! Perfect Water Worldwide has created the most efficient, ceramic based filters that also restructure the water so that it is alkaline and antioxidant rich! They withstand high heats unlike carbon-based filters which also contain petroleum, another toxin. You can purchase a shower filter or a bath filter that will be sure to produce pure, clean water for you and your family. A Whole Home water filtration system is also available and would provide nearly perfect water out of every faucet in your home. Often the price of water filters can be daunting but the cost to your health of unfiltered water is much more. If you have further questions about water, please please please contact, there are so many options for getting pure, mineral rich water that one of them is bound to be within your budget!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pure Water: Part I

Since the beginning of time mankind has needed water to survive. Water was necessary then and it still is today. Only now, our water is radically different than ever before containing loads of toxins, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals and even pathogens! The EWG has found nearly 260 contaminants in tap water and 141 of them are 'unregulated', meaning there is no maximum 'safe' level and any amount of them can therefore legally exist in our water! Furthermore of these unregulated compounds 52 are linked to cancer, 41 to reproductive damage, 36 to developmental damage and 16 to immune suppression. The need to restore our water to it's purest and most original form is absolutely vital to our health. As Dr. Mercola always says, "If you don't have a filter, your body becomes the filter" for all these toxic chemicals! 

The best solution would be to find a well but for most of us this is not reasonable. Next best, a water filtration system. Reverse Osmosis and distilled water filtration systems are good at removing the toxins purifying the water but fail to maintain the mineral quality of the water. Minerals are essential for healthy bones, teeth, immunity and many other functions. When we drink RO or distilled water which is highly acidic because of the lack of minerals it will pull minerals from your body's reserves, such as your bones to restore alkalinity to your body. We need pure water with minerals.

Perfect Water Worldwide has created a system that not only purifies the water, removing all contaminants but it restructures the water ionizing, alkalizing and adding back in minerals! The water contains no chlorine, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, hormones or other dangerous compounds and is actually rich in antioxidants to help cleanse and strengthen your body! The water is alkalized and mineralized to restore the natural pH that water always had and therefore it won't pull minerals out of your bones. 

Perfect Water Inc. from Kenneth Guoin on Vimeo.
Perfect Water Worldwide has created many different systems to ensure that everyone can afford to improve their water in some way. And Perfect Water's home filtration systems produce nearly perfect water at just 10 cents a gallon! From mineral drops to whole home water systems there is something for you! Email to learn more about improving your water today!
*Figure 2 is from the EWG Tap Water Database 2009 and can be found at

Friday, May 3, 2013

The Paleo Frenzy

The Paleo diet: the diet of our ancient ancestors. Or as some would prefer to call it, the Paleo lifestyle because it's much more than a diet. If you haven't heard of it, now you have! It's the latest frenzy, trend, craze, whatever you want to call it, it's currently the biggest thing in nutrition so ears open! Many people have been asking me what I think about the diet that says grains and beans are unhealthy and it's a complicated, multifaceted issue but I will try to sum up a bit of what I think.

Bio-individuality is above all the most important principle when it comes to nutrition. Each person has a unique genetic code, a specific set of needs, a health history like none other. Each person really does have individual requirements when it comes to their health. What is best for one person could literally be the worst for someone else. People need to be assessed and then given recommendations based on their unique bodies needs. This is how I use nutrition in my practice, it's just not as simple as "one fits all". And I learned this the hard way getting personally healed on a raw, vegan diet I thought this was best for everyone and boy was I wrong! That was years ago and I have come to learn of the many different principles that make up bio-individuality since then.

Do I think that a paleo lifestyle is the best thing for some people? YES! Absolutely, I have a number of my clients eating this way and finding they have never felt better! It's great for weight loss, hormone balancing, enhancing brain function, balancing blood sugar and in some cases restoring the gut. There are a number of benefits to eating a paleo diet and I teach on all of them in my classes and seminars. High quality proteins and traditional fats are key practices of mine. Whatever has been done for centuries is generally better than what we're doing now and that is a core value of the paleo lifestyle. I also seek to restore traditional practices to the lives of modern families through my services.

Many traditional cultures used grains and beans in their diets as was discovered by Weston A. Price. The difference between how we eat these foods today and how they were eaten then is preparation. Grains and beans should only be consumed if they are soaked, sprouted or fermented and then fully cooked. And still it's about whether or not the individual can handle these types of carbohydrates. Taking the time to be assessed by a professional and finding out what is right for your body is invaluable. It's worth every penny. Schedule your Personal Health Assessment with certified Nutritionist Dani Rhoades today to find out what's right for you!

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