Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Cold Care: Mom's turn

Mom's certainly need immune support as well, since these littles start bringing everything home and a sick mom can't take care of anybody well ;) So mom's let me tell you first hand you need to take care of your self too.

You need a basic multi with methylated b's for a hundred reasons! You made these babies, no matter where you are post partum you need replenishment desperately! Your immunity takes a hit when you are depleted. If you are nowhere near having had babies you still need methylated b's regularly to support a number of systems, but as it pertains to your immunity, methylation is how your body clears viruses OUT. Exactly what you need when you get one :) Besides you burn b vitamins with stress very readily and what mom isn't a little stressed here and there.

Dietary support is the same as kids so review my post on Cold Care for kiddos.

Key Maintenance Supplements for adults:
  • Probiotics: again your gut hosts your immune system and the strength of it will depend upon the levels of good bacteria that reside there. Please do not waste your pennies on a probiotic that is not multi strain, therapeutic grade or contain at least 15 billion CFU. 
  • Cod liver oil preferably but sometimes it's harder to get parents to take this than kids ;) critical component to a thriving immune system though. If you won't take it then use this for gel caps.
When you are sick:
  • Liposomal Vitamin C is essential to actually get the vitamin c into the cell, other forms are very un-bioavailable meaning the vitamin c is most likely excreted out of the system and not utilized by the body. Basically; a waste. 
  • Mushroom complex will boost different components of your immune system to ward off the cold, virus or flu. This exact formulation has been proven in nearly 20 different medical grade studies to work effectively. 
Runny nose:
Sore throat:
  • Use spray multiple times a day directly on back of the throat, need natural antibiotics on irritated areas.
Be sure that your vitamin D level is optimal, daily supplementation is usually recommended for all and I found in clinical practice unfortunately no one had adequate vitamin d without a supplement, wish we could do without, but the reality is we really need it. 
Get your 'medicine' cabinet ready, the colds are already comin' in :))))) 

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Note: Nutrition Consultants do not diagnose, manage or treat illness, conditions or diseases. The scope of practice for Nutrition Consultants reflects educating clients about healthy choices regarding diet and lifestyle to restore balance to the body.