Wholesome Mommies

'Mommies' includes women carrying babies, nursing and those who need a little postpartum 'TLC.' Pregnancy is a time of incredible nutritional demand and in addition to the privilege of birthing and nurturing a newborn, can often leave women fatigued, overwhelmed and depleted. My care to moms focuses on the most nutrient-dense diet principles to ensure their bodies are well supported before pregnancy all the way through their child bearing years.

"For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb." 
-Psalm 139:13
Fetal development begins at the point of conception and will depend largely on nutritional stores that mom has built up during her preconception care. Pregnancy is a time to focus on your health, support all your systems, nourish your adrenals, ensure plentiful sources of nutrients and adequate weight gain. My heart is for every mommy to have an understanding of how to nourish her growing placenta, developing new baby and her own body well! Pregnancy complications such as pre-eclampsia, toxemia, and HELLP syndrome are preventable but require specific nutritional protocols to ensure mom and baby remain unaffected. The healthier and stronger you are during your pregnancy the more prepared you will be for your birth and nursing your new baby.

Postpartum care is critical as mom continues to provide newborn's only source of nourishment, while often taking care of a husband and other kiddos at home. Postpartum depression and anxiety, PPD, are all too common today and there are many research based protocols can be used to prevent and ward off these struggles.

Further, I take great care to restore mom's health between pregnancies in order to rebuild nutritional stores and properly nurture the next baby. My goal is that you feel healthy and strong enough to grow your family as you and your husband desire :)

I also give care to husbands as the health of Daddies matters too! It takes two healthy parents to make these babies and it takes two energized parents to raise them!

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