Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cod Liver Oil

My grandmother turned 80 this year and still remembers her mother lining her and her brother up side by side for their spoonful of cod liver oil every night. This tried and true practice of giving our children and ourselves cod liver is invaluable. Especially during the winter season. Here's why.

Cod liver oil has been used for centuries for its health giving properties. Many cultures along the north Atlantic Ocean highly valued fish oils and seemed to understand them better than we do! Full of Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and essential fatty acids, cod liver oil enhances our immunity to infection, disease and the common cold. Several studies have found that cod liver oil can profoundly reduce the incidence of respiratory infections. While another study actually found that children who experienced frequent infections the prior year were completely infection free during a season with regular consumption of cod liver oil.

While Vitamin A deficiency is rare, that mighty D vitamin is something we Americans do not get enough of. This is actually considered to be a global issue as most people around the world don't have adequate amounts of Vitamin D. Yet, we know it's critical for development, growth and maintenance of a healthy body not just in childhood but throughout our lives.

Essential fatty acids are a vital part of a healthy immune system and crucial for preventing chronic inflammation. Historical trends however have seen deficiencies in the United States in these fatty acids since the 1900's. They are far and few in the Standard American Diet so supplementation is often necessary.

Unfortunately for my grandmother and many others the foul taste and texture of this fishy oil has turned them off. But this didn't keep mothers of the 1800's from making sure their child got that daily spoonful of cod liver oil. Today we are without excuse as well considering manufacturers have brought flavors and capsules to the market. Enhance your immune system and protect your body from the common cold or seasonal flu this year by taking cod liver oil just like your grandmother would have.

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*Sources: Therapeutic Nutrition by Ed Bauman

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