"Within the last year Dani and I have been focusing on preparing my body for pregnancy through diet, natural supplements and lifestyle.  Some of my health issues pre-pregnancy included low hormone levels, high cortisol and exhausted adrenals, which led to highly emotional and irritable monthly periods as well as a depleted body both physically and mentally. Of course pregnancy will only increase crazy hormone levels, therefore Dani gave me a support regiment of foods and supplements that were not only beneficial for my specific needs but also for the development and health of my baby girl. My hormones were really trying to drag me down again in pregnancy but with Dani's help of saturating my diet with excellent, nutrient-dense food sources, I have been able to feel my best and thrive during pregnancy. I am nourished, my hormones are healthy and I love knowing I am giving my baby the best nutrition for her growth and development in utero."
 -Lindsay M

“Dani has been with me every step of the way with my prenatal nutritional needs. From supplements, to food groups, to exercise, she knows everything there is to know about prenatal health for mommy and baby. Her extensive education paired with years of experience working in a pediatric office have provided her with incredible depth of knowledge. Dani’s suggestions have even helped me to ward off feelings of depression and nausea. I feel great! Not only is she a nutrition expert, but she is incredibly kind and an amazing emotional support for me and my family.” 
-Bianca W

"Dani has been an enormous help to me so many times! She helped nutritionally support me through a rough C Section, and has helped my baby through anemia, an ear infection, and leaky gut. She knows her stuff and is warm and encouraging and a joy to be around!"
 -Kate M

"Our little guy was suffering immensely between severe constipation and severe diarrhea.  He was miserable, often clutching his stomach and crying for up to an hour before he had to use the bathroom.  We were desperate for help to relieve him from being miserable!  ENTER Dani: She lovingly coached us through a gut-healing diet, helping us with recipes, suggesting stores and places to buy some of these special foods, and checking in with us consistently.  Little guy improved dramatically over the next 6 months, slowly but surely making huge strides and was even potty trained!"
 -Leanne P

"Dani has been such a blessing to our family. She gives so many resources and makes you feel capable as a parent to help heal your child through nutrition. She was God's answer to prayer after a rough year seeking healing for our son. Thank you Dani for sharing your wealth of knowledge, loving on my child and imparting wisdom into our family's life." 
-Danielle F

"Dani is AMAZING and I would recommend her to anyone! I met Dani a year ago and she has completely helped me restore my gut through food. Unlike other nutritionists, I feel like her approach is doable and after meeting with her I actually felt more freedom in how and what I could eat than I ever had before. I love how Dani only recommended what was completely necessary for me, she didn't try to sell me on supplements but instead told me to eat my probiotics through probiotic rich food, etc. She was really focused on what I was getting though my diet.  And the supplements she did prescribe, I've totally noticed a difference in my energy level and ability to think more clearly. I just can't say enough good things about Dani and am so excited for when I become a Mom some day so she can help me through the entire process."
-Whitney E

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  1. Dani consulted with my two teenagers a girl 16 and a boy 18. I just wanted them to hear from someone knowledgeable who could steer them in the right direction. My daughter had somewhat severe stomach pain after almost every meal and we were always trying to find some way to deal with it. Dani's consultations were an enormous help. When Dani determined that my daughter diet was too acidic we were able to shift to a more balanced diet and she became aware of exactly what was causing her the pain. But the best thing of all was when she took them each individually shopping. That's when it really sunk in. They got it and haven't turned back. Thanks Dani! Mitchell K