Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fall Cleansing

Most people are aware that 'Spring Cleansing' is quite common, but most healthcare professionals these days are actually recommending that people also do a second cleanse later in the year. You might be surprised to find out that 'fatty liver' is the single most common disease in America. It's actually estimated that 70-90 million Americans suffer from fatty liver and today we're even seeing this condition in children.

When the body is overloaded with sugar, even in the form of flour or excess carbohydrates, the liver begins to store fat in a process known as lipogenesis. This is seen in the picture above. Fructose, especially in the form of high fructose corn syrup is the number one cause of this. But refined flours or refined grains and other forms of sugar are strong contributors as well. A healthy, whole foods diet will ensure you maintain a healthy liver but what's to be done to actually restore some of the damage that's take place?

One of the best ways to support liver health is through a detoxification plan. The body responds wonderfully to specific foods that enhance liver function like lemons, milk thistle and cruciferous vegetables. Take note this fall and of course again in the spring to cleanse and boost liver health!

'Dani's Detox' is a 5-7 day program that uses food, herbs, supplements and lifestyle to fuel the pathways of detoxification in the liver. The plan was formulated by myself, certified Nutrition Consultant Dani Rhoades, NC with the support of Dr. Robert P. Mathis, MD, ABAARM, ABIHM, CNS, MCP. Together we have created a plan that is natural, science based and incredibly efficient. It works effectively yet calmly so as not to remove you from daily life. While some detox programs can be harsh and cause many side effects, this detox program works gently.

This is normally a $75 program but as fall is another great season for cleansing, Dani is offering to set you up on the detox for just $50! Please contact to being your detox program!

*Be sure to contact your healthcare provider before starting any new program. Although children are mentioned in this post, Dani's Detox is not designed for children. It is also not meant to replace medical care for fatty liver or any other liver disease.


  1. Most likely it won't do anything, but everyone is different, so ask your physician for advice
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  2. if you are smoking you have to quite or your effort will be in vain because cigarettes are number one lung cancer risk factor.  Best 3 day detox cleanse

  3. Thank you so much for spreading a healthy lifestyle! I agree people usually ignore their dieting habits in the fall even though its very important to maintain a good lifestyle all year