Monday, October 7, 2013

Dr Iris Pediatrics

Wholesome Practices is pleased to announce that Dani Rhoades, NC will now be working as the certified nutritionist at Dr. Iris Pediatrics! Dani Rhoades has an extensive history not only with nutrition but with children and is excited to blend her passions together.

The health of our children has changed dramatically with allergies, obesity and other ailments on the rise. This generation is actually the first generation that is said to possibly not out live their parents. These facts are daunting but there is hope as much can be done to support your child's health! Good nutrition starting from a young age or implemented at any time can have profound effects on the human body. My personal story is a living testimony to this effect which is why I am so passionate about my work as a Nutritionist. In today's society there is so much conflicting information about what 'good nutrition' is and often parent's don't know where to start. Dani's personal story, education, and work experience make her a qualified candidate for assisting you in making the transitions towards health your family needs.

Your children deserve the most optical which is why choosing an integrative pediatrician is the best option for your family. Dr. Iris Pediatrics is now accepting new patients- infants under one! This is rare opportunity as normally the practiced is full and closed to new families. Call the office at (805) 892-4141 to schedule your interview today!

We will be offering classes at Dr. Iris Pedaitrics on various nutrition related topics so please keep your eyes out! You can also contact to get added to our mailing list!


  1. Look at you! I am so proud of you!!

    Your Bestie and Biggest Fan

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