Friday, April 20, 2012

Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival

Come out and celebrate Earth Day at the Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival at Alameda Park downtown. The event is free and there will be tons of local vendors and exhibitors, plenty of the best local and sustainable food, and lots of sunshine! The event is catered towards all ages and is certainly child friendly, there is a Kid's Corner exhibit with arts, crafts, storytelling at more.

Learn more at the Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival website and be sure to come join the fun! You can find me working the Weston A. Price Farm Booth Saturday afternoon.


  1. Been loving your blog, Dani! Is there a way I can get email notifications or something every time you post?

    1. Thanks Jennie! On the left side column of the blog is a place where you can enter your email address and follow me by email, please sign up and encourage others as well!