Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's Finally Here!

Many of you have been waiting ever so patiently while I work on putting this blog together. While it's being launched much later than I originally intended, it's finally here and open to the you as a wonderful resource for wholesome living. As a Bauman College student, I am beginning my practice as a Nutrition Educator and working in the community to bring about an awareness of the impact of food choices, sustainability, and holistic nutrition. Thank you for your support and please, please, please enjoy as you review the Wholesome Eating, Shopping and Kitchen sections of the blog. Be sure to read About Me and My Story and to view the Services tab to learn more about how I can help you on your journey toward a healthier life. Stay tuned for upcoming posts, food news, recipes, nutrition tips and more!


  1. I am soooo proud of you! I have always believed this for you and now you have made the climb. You are a remarkable, diligent young lady with awareness beyond your years. Understanding your gifts, purposed with others well being in heart. Bringing beauty to others inside out , outside in.

    All the best

    Reta xo

  2. Yea Dani!
    I've been missing your blogs and you!
    Can't wait to start learning some cool stuff!
    Miss you lots :)


  3. This is soooo exciting! COngrats and so proud :)

    Luv ya,

  4. That chicken looks great. I can't wait to make it.

  5. Dani,
    I'm so proud of you! This is great!! Miss you babe!
    Christina S

  6. This beautiful blog by a beautiful woman will be one of my frequent resources in the day to day journey of wholesome living ;) Can't wait to reap the benefits of your knowledge, Dani! I miss you. JILLIE