Friday, April 5, 2013

Dani's Detox

The latest from Wholesome Practices: Dani's Detox! The perfect way to start off the spring and prepare for that beachy, summer weather. The liver is the largest organ in our bodies and is responsible for several hundred functions. The liver converts vitamins and minerals into usable forms, it activates the mighty vitamin D, while also storing the essential ‘fat-soluble’ vitamins A, E and K. It helps our body eliminate the inevitable toxins we encounter everyday and also creates bile which emulsifies fats that we eat. Are you convinced you need to have a healthy liver? 

The best way to maintain a healthy liver is to do a detox or commonly known as a cleanse. So many detox or cleanse programs are rigid and quite harsh on the body. Dani's Detox is gentle, yet effective at cleansing the liver and improving the detoxification pathways that rid toxins out of your body. Formulated by certified Nutrition Consultant Dani Rhoades, NC and approved by Dr. Robert P. Mathis, MD, ABAARM, ABIHM, CNS, MCP. Together we have created a plan that is natural, science based and incredibly efficient.

"I can definitely tell I have lost weight even just in one week! Dani's Detox helped me get on track with the healthy eating habits I wanted to have, cutting gluten and sugars always makes me feel better. Yes! The detox is very beneficial!" -Sheryl R

Often people hit a wall with weight loss or even with healing their GI tract and it usually comes down to the liver at that point. Only so much can be done and then the liver needs to be cleansed, detoxed and nourished so that it can function at it's best on a daily basis. A healthy liver can aid in weight loss, lowering cholesterol levels, improving migraines, amongst many other ailments but most notably it will help prevent disease in the long run.

Dani's Detox includes specific dietary, supplemental, and lifestyle adjustments that work effectively in just 5-7 days. You'll get guidelines, outlines and shopping lists after a brief consultation with Dani. In honor of our ONE YEAR celebration we are offering Dani's Detox for just $50! Please contact her at to get start your detox right away!*

*Be sure to contact your healthcare provider before starting any new program. 
**Can be set up over the phone if you are long distance.

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