Thursday, April 18, 2013

CSA: Community Supported Agriculture

Want to take the next step in sustainability? Then join your local CSA! It's hand down one of the most sustainable actions you could take! Community Supported Agriculture has become popular in the recent years as people are becoming more educated on issues like organics, sustainability and shopping locally. You pay into the farm and in exchange you receive a "share" of the produce. Basically, a box overflowing with the best, freshly harvested seasonal crops, from heirloom tomatoes to strawberries, your box is different each week! Your support each week garantuees the farm can continually provide you with the highest quality produce all year long. This direct exchange from farmer to consumer is highly beneficial to your local economy.

What are the nutritional benefits of a CSA? Well, for one you'll be eating your veggies each week cause you'll have a box full! You're less likely to get stuck eating the same thing over and over because your box will be varied each week. This means you'll be giving your body a variety of different nutrients and probably even trying some things you never would have bought otherwise! The produce is picked the morning you pick up your box, so it's guaranteed to contain the most nutrients and keep much longer than store bought produce. AND you'll get a weekly newsletter with recipes and even a nutrition tip from Dani when you join the Something Good! CSA.
Something Good!, the CSA for John Givens Farms in Goleta provides one of the most abundant CSA's in town! The farm has been serving Goleta with the highest quality organic produce for 30 years! Every Wednesday you pick up your box on the farm here in Goleta or you can have it delivered, find more information here or ask Dani! 

Look out for more information about The Juice Feast: the latest from Something Good! It's a new CSA box with all your juicing vegetables! And of course lots of nutritional information from Dani!


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