Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wellness Events

The Isla Vista Food Coop is not just a grocery store; it's the support of local farmers, the provider of food for local families, and the place for free nutrition education. I have partnered with Madia Jamgochian, in house Nutrition Educator and Deli Manager at the Isla Vista Food Coop to bring nutrition education to the local community. Together, we are hosting a series of 'Wellness Events' to bring about a greater awareness of real food, sustainability and healthy practices. As part of Fun Fridays at the coop our events will be held on Friday afternoons from 2-3pm every week. We will be giving a 'Talk, Tour and Taste!' on various different topics like Eating for Health, Sugar Free Me, or Winter Wellness. The event begins with a in-depth discussion on the topic, a tour throughout the store and will end with a surprise tasting! Some weeks you may find that during the 2-3 hour I am holding office hours where you can 'Ask the Nutritionist' any of your health related questions! To keep up with what's happening each Friday follow us on Facebook, check for fliers around the store and look out for our demo tables!

Next up is Going Gluten-Free!

Check out our demo table in the store now!

And watch our infomercial below!
 Join the event here and we hope to see you there!

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  1. I think you are doing a great job. In today's world, where diseases and illnesses are on the peak, it is very important to have sessions on healthy eating and wellness.