Monday, October 29, 2012

Yes on 37

If you've been reading this blog then you've heard me mention GMO's before, but finally the time has come for California to make history regarding this issue. We have the opportunity with the first proposition on a ballot to begin labeling genetically modified foods in this country.

This is about money for companies like Monsanto and Dow Chemical, but for us it's about health, nutrition and food freedom. The facts are already in, GMO's are highly inflammatory, linked to allergies and pose an even higher risk to your children. Animals don't even eat GMO foods when they are given a choice! The problem for us is that GMO foods are incredibly deceiving; they look the same, smell the same, and often most people can't taste the difference. So how do you know if they aren't being labeled? These foods are far from natural and the body can not recognize or metabolize them properly.

This proposition is a big deal, probably bigger than most of us even realize. Companies like Monsanto and Dow Chemical have controlled the food industry through fear because of their financial capabilities, threatening to sue the state or shut down businesses. But California is about to be able to make the biggest stance against them yet and give people back their basic right to know what's in their food.

We have a choice to vote for our right to know or to deny the millions of Americans the food freedom they deserve. Don't be confused by the misinformation about GMO's. Do the research yourself and vote Yes on 37.

To learn more visit the Right to Know website or even better watch the documentary "Genetic Roulette" here. Another great resource is the Say No to GMO's website. Tell your friends, family and coworkers about the importance of voting Yes on proposition 37 and hopefully on November 6th we'll find that California wants the right to know.

***Filmaker Deborah Koons Garcia has just made the film The Future of Food free for viewing until the election!! Watch it below!


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