Friday, August 24, 2012


The topic of vaccinations is one of the most controversial, especially among parents. When you educate people it gives them the freedom to make well-informed decisions for themselves and for their children.  That's what "The Greater Good" is all about: exposing the truth about vaccinations, their effectiveness, side-effects and hidden motives within the government and pharmaceutical companies. It is a film to be seen by all not just parents.

The number of vaccinations that children are given has risen dramatically. Are we even sure they are effective? Or necessary? Are you aware of the adverse side effects that could potentially occur? Or of the toxic effects of additives vaccines contain? Probably not and neither was I until I began researching and educating myself about this emotionally charged topic. There is no harm in opening yourself up to the conversation of vaccines and finding out for yourself if they are really the best option for you or your children.

The Weston A. Price Foundation is holding a screening this weekend of The Greater Good. The film will be shown on Sunday August 26 at 4:00pm at Santa Barbara Family Chiropractic. Learn more on the Weston A. Price Meet-Up page. As always the events are free and a wonderful way to meet other health conscious members of the Santa Barbara community. If you cannot attend this screening the film can also be purchased here. Don't wait to start learning about vaccinations and make knowledgeable decisions regarding their use for you and your children.

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