Friday, August 10, 2012

Padron Peppers

It may surprise you that these little green peppers are actually mild. Known for their great flavor rather than their heat, only one in ten will spark a flame resembling more of a jalepeno. It's like a "Russian Roulette" with your dinner. They are a traditional Spanish favorite served commonly as a tapas, sauteed in a bit of olive oil with freshly cracked sea salt. It's really that simple and people love them. They come back week after week buying more baskets than the last time calling them their latest addiction. You can't just have one of these, they melt in your mouth as you keep grabbing for more. Perfect for any dinner party as they are quite a guest pleaser.

These peppers have a striking nutrition profile, full of vitamins and minerals with therapeutic value as well. They actually aid the digestive system and have even been noted for quickening the healing of scar tissue. They help promote blood circulation, lower cholesterol and reduce high blood pressure. All while tasting fantastic!

If you have never tried these delicious Spanish peppers I highly suggest you get out to your local market and find them! These won't be found in a supermarket. May I also suggest starting out by serving them the traditional way: satueed until golden brown in a bit of extra virgin olive oil served with freshly cracked sea salt. After that you can venture into adding them to your favorite Spanish meal. Find them at the Milliken Family Farms stand on Tuesday or Saturday at the Santa Barbara Farmer's Market. For my Santa Cruz viewers I know that you can find them at New Leaf Community Markets and on Wednesday at the Farmer's Market downtown.

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