Thursday, May 10, 2012


What an introduction! Now let me give you the slow version of GMO's.

Genetically modified organisms means that the genes of these organisms have been altered in a laboratory. Oftentimes the seeds of plants are implanted with a gene to resist pesticides or bugs which allows for mass aerial spraying of pesticides that will kill everything else besides the growing crop. There are even genetic modifications going on with animals like fish. Our animal livestock are being fed GMO foods and the effects are trickling down into the meat and dairy we consume everyday. GMO's are not only completely unnatural but shown to have negative effects on the environment and our health.

They can trigger an immune response in humans which leads to inflammation and allergies. In one situation where soy beans were genetically modified with a gene from Brazil nuts people consuming the soy beans with nut allergic had serious allergic reactions. Children are particularly vulnerable as they are three to four times more prone to developing allergies anyways.

Currently, your best bet for avoiding GMO's is buying organic but the regulations for labeling are poor and there is a push for GMO's to be allowed 'certified organic'. It is imperative that we as a society know which foods are genetically modified and which are not. The Right-to-Know campaign has been collecting signatures that would place an initiative to label genetically modified foods on the 2012 ballot for California.
I'm sure by now you've been asked to sign the petition to label genetically modified foods. They collected almost 1 million signatures which puts the chances of the initiative in high standing since only half a million are required. The requirements can get tricky so keep your fingers crossed for now.

How else can you help? 

Get educated on GMO's and help spread the world others! Visit this site for more information.

Sign the petition here.

Watch this video by Dr. Mercola to understand how this effects not just California but the whole country.

Donate to the Money Bomb, an initiative to raise $1 million in order to fight against the million dollar food corporation Monsanto that has been the headway for GMO's. If $1 million is raised by May 26th a group of benefactors will match this goal totaling $2 million!

There are 40 other countries in the world, from Europe to China that have laws set up requiring the labeling of GMO's. We have a right to know, help join the fight for this right!

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