Thursday, June 14, 2018

New Beginnings

Three years ago I set out to update and change the face of Wholesome Practices to all things mommy baby. As you can see I never finished! Why? Because time spent in front of the woman has been the most important thing to me. There's enough of you that that's what I've spent all my time doing ;) I am now taking a change of course and pace. There's too many deserving to have the healthiest pregnancies and most joyous experiences having babies for me not to expand the practice further and farther to reach more of you :)

That being said you will no longer find Dani Rhoades in her 'white coat' at Dr Iris Pediatrics. It has been an incredible pleasure working alongside Dr Iris Castaneda these last five years and I cherish my experiences and relationships built there with both the families and staff.

Wholesome Practices will be moving forward with a greater level of outreach, finding myself back where I started giving talks, seminars, lectures and teaching at community events. This way the message of perinatal health goes forth to so many more than just one mom at a time. Look out for more information to come on online packages that I will be a part of creating for everything pregnancy, postpartum and baby care!

Of course, my heart and joy is still found in face to face consulting and individualized care. Do not worry, I am still available for nutritional consults and you will surely still find me meeting with moms and their sweet babes all over town :)

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