Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fermentation Festival

Another exciting, interactive and informative event put on by the Weston A. Price Foundation in Santa Barbara. Come learn about the what, why's and how's of fermenting foods. This practice has been a part of nearly all traditional cultures for hundreds of years but in the last few decades has nearly disappeared in our society. Whether our ancestors fully understood the benefits of fermenting foods we don't know but we are certainly aware of it now. Gut health, immune function, disease prevention-all are highly supported by probiotics.

But what are fermented foods? How do you prepare them or where do you get them? Whether you know a lot or very little about fermenting foods this event is the place for you. Entry is free but bring cash for the other various activities offered. There will be a raffle and several do-it-yourself booths where you will prepare your own fermented foods to take home. There will also be lunch for purchase featuring Rancho San Julian burgers, a local grass-fed sustainable ranch recommended by Wholesome Practices.

The event will be quite an enjoyable afternoon so bring your friends, family, kids and be prepared to learn a lot! More information can be found at the WAPF Santa Barbara website. Enjoy!

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