Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Decoding Women's Health

Understanding the female hormonal cycle can be life changing for the emotional and physical health of some women. In today's world women's body are constantly bombarded with xeno-estrogens, toxins that mimic estrogen in the human body. Pesticides, commercially raised livestock, plastics, tap water, and many other everyday occurrences contain these fake estrogens. They alter our hormone levels and contribute to problems such as PMS, missed periods, endometriosis and even some cancers. As if we didn't have enough to deal with hormonally now we have all that on top it! So how should we women eat to support our hormonal health?

Attend the workshop, Decoding Women's Health to learn about women's cycles, temperature charting, fertility and more! It's vital to your health to at least have some understanding of your cycle and how you can support your hormones through diet and lifestyle.

Licensed acupuncturist Cathryn Davidson will be leading the workshop and discussing many areas of female hormones such as nutrition and fertility, birth control options, and the environments impact on our hormones. The event will be held at Santa Barbara Family Chiropractic at 360 S. Hope Avenue at 4:00pm this Sunday, June 17th. The Weston A. Price Foundation is holding the event at no cost so let all your girlfriends know!

Don't miss out on the great opportunity to get in touch with your femininity! Learn more about the event here.

I have helped numerous woman in restoring their hormonal balance with much success in only a number of weeks. Read more on my testimonials page. If you would like to schedule an appointment with me to begin learning about your body's specific needs for hormonal health contact me at wholesomepractices@gmail.com.

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